AAFT School of Fashion, Interior Design, and Hospitality & Tourism Launches New Session in 2023, Empowering Aspirants for Success

Noida, 31st August 2023: In a powerful and inspiring inauguration ceremony, AAFT School of Fashion and Design, AAFT School of Interior Designing, and AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism unveiled their new batch for the year 2023. The event witnessed esteemed industry veterans and experts imparting their wisdom to nurture the aspirations of the next generation.

Renowned film and media personality, Sandeep Marwah, delivered the keynote address, emphasizing the pivotal role of education in achieving success. He stressed, “Nothing moves without strong determination. The willingness has to be backed and supported by ability, which comes from confidence, and confidence comes from knowledge, and knowledge comes from education. If you want to rise in life, education is a must and the first step towards success.”

The event was graced by distinguished guests, including Subhash Goyal, a giant in the Tourism Industry, Varija Bajaj, a renowned fashion designer, Luxury Consultant Madhavi Advani, Col. Atul Saxena, and Chef Vaibhav. Each speaker shared their vast experiences and insights gained over their illustrious careers.

The exchange of stories and wisdom between these industry stalwarts and the eager students proved to be an invaluable experience. The students were enthralled and motivated as they heard real-life success stories and learned valuable lessons from those who have already made their mark in their respective fields.

The event shed light on the fact that the Fashion Industry, Interior Designing, Tourism, and Hospitality sectors have undergone significant growth and transformation over the years. With this evolution, there is now an ever-increasing demand for educated and trained professionals who can meet the industry’s dynamic needs.

AAFT School of Fashion and Design, AAFT School of Interior Designing, and AAFT School of Hospitality and Tourism have taken a commendable step towards empowering the youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in these competitive industries. The inauguration ceremony served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the new batch, setting them on a path toward success and excellence in their chosen fields.

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