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Radio has, since ages, been a powerful medium of communication, and remains to be so even in this modern-age. The advancements in technology has had its impact on Radio too, and has made it easier and convenient to reach out to a larger audience, eliminating the geographical barriers through ‘Digital Radio’. A Digital Radio allows anyone on the web to listen to the broadcasted programs from their location, even if it is miles apart! Therefore, it is emerging as a robust tool for connecting the global community, and escalating cultural exchange among the countries.

AAFT University’s Digital Radio is a new-age radio broadcasting programs that are informational, relevant, interesting and engaging for the audience world-wide. The Objective of this platform is to provide an opportunity to the local community to connect with the outer world in a more efficient manner. Our programs do not just discuss the socio-economic problems, but also provide solutions to them. This platform will also extend a conducive platform for practical exposure to the Journalism and Cinema students through which they will be able to learn intricacies of the media world. We ensure anyone with a different ethnicity, lingual, belief, nationality and/ or philosophy can relish and benefit from our broadcasts, leading to inclusive development.

Local Panchayat and the common people also have an imperative role in deciding the content for our radio broadcasting. And hence, the programs are of immediate relevance to the local community, addressing and emphasizing on socio-economic issues like unemployment, Naxalites and brainwashing of young minds, migration, natural resources depletion, education, health, environment, agriculture and overall community development. The content of programs is made with the participation of the local community for whom the station has been set up, including farmers, people from minority and backward classes, villagers, etc.

Digital radio will provide a conducive platform for the Journalism and Cinema students to explore this side of media and enhance their self-expression. Radio communication allow students to stand out and make a distinguished mark by building confidence, enhancing communication, becoming socially aware, empowering story ideas, etc. They can learn to listen, write and speak well, thereby, mastering all aspects required for a good communication.

Our broadcast infrastructure includes necessary digital transmission that easily delivers an engaging over-the-air experience for the audience. Our setup is endowed with advanced software and equipment which lets them become acquainted with the latest developments and trends in the industry.

The Ministry, too, encourages setting up the radio broadcasting platform as it promises to provide an opportunity to the local communities to express themselves, share their views on topics that are most significant to them, empower them and lead to overall socio-economic and cultural development of the region.

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