Grand Inauguration Marks the Commencement of the 2023 Session at AAFT School of Journalism, Still Photography, and Advertising

Noida 27th August 2023: Marwah Studios witnessed a momentous occasion as the 2023 session of AAFT School of Journalism and Mass Communication, AAFT School of Advertising PR and Events, and AAFT School of Still Photography was inaugurated in a grand ceremony. The event, graced by prominent personalities from various fields, was hosted at the behest of Sandeep Marwah, the President of Marwah Studios.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, a visionary in the world of media and entertainment, shared his remarkable journey, emphasizing his pivotal role in the establishment of Noida Film City, Marwah Studios, and AAFT. He offered a fresh perspective on education, inspiring the aspiring young minds and igniting them with renewed zeal.

Lubna Asif, a former student of AAFT and Director of the National Daily Newspaper Indino, reminisced about her days at AAFT and the invaluable lessons she gathered during her tenure. Anu Sinha, a renowned Indian Classical Dancer, underscored the intersection of arts in journalism and its application in advertising and events.

Katherine Boxall of Istituto  Marangoni UK, shared her extensive experience in the fields of advertising, PR, and events, offering valuable insights to the students. Dr. Swarnali, Dasgupta hailing from Singapore, encouraged the students to adapt to the changing times and cultivate a positive mindset to conquer the world. Author Sherry delivered a motivating speech, urging the students to persevere and work diligently in their pursuit of success.

Anurag Malhotra, from Zee TV in Dubai, UAE, recounted his journey from obscurity to becoming an international media figure, serving as a source of inspiration to all.

Sumit Awasthi, a prominent figure from NDTV, reflected on his three-decade-long involvement in various segments of media and his interactions with influential figures in Indian politics and business. Dr. Dewakar Goel, a former senior government official and accomplished writer, stressed the importance of mastering language skills for success in the field of media.

The inauguration ceremony of AAFT School of Journalism, Still Photography, and Advertising was an enlightening and inspirational event that set the stage for the students to embark on their educational journey. With the guidance and wisdom imparted by these distinguished guests, the future of media and communication looks promising. Later Dr. Marwah presented the guests with life membership of International Journalism Centre.

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