MedscapeIndia’s Fit India Movement Empowers the Nation’s Health and Well-being

New Delhi, June 30, 2023 – MedscapeIndia, a non-profit organization committed to healthcare and social empowerment, celebrates its 19 years of relentless efforts in promoting health awareness, saving lives, and supporting communities. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Sunita Dube, Founder Chairperson of MedscapeIndia-AMET and renowned Radiologist, the organization has initiated numerous impactful campaigns, including its flagship program, Fit India Movement, which has gained significant momentum over the past eight years informed Dr. Sandeep Marwah advisor to organization.

The Fit India Movement, based on the Five Pillars of a healthy lifestyle, has garnered widespread support across the nation. Pledge India, the first pillar, encourages individuals to embrace fitness, prioritize their health, and contribute to saving lives. Prevent India the second point  focuses on holistic preventive care, incorporating practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Exercises, and lifestyle improvements, enabling individuals to lead healthier lives.

Screen India, the third pillar, highlights the importance of early screening for acute and chronic diseases such as Cervical cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Tuberculosis, Coronary heart disease, and Stroke. Through this pillar, MedscapeIndia aims to detect diseases in their early stages, allowing for timely intervention and improved treatment outcomes. Treat India, the fourth pillar, leverages both government and private sector infrastructure to ensure affordable and accessible healthcare facilities for all individuals.

The fifth pillar, Train India, has already made a significant impact by providing CPR training to citizens across the country. Since 2014, over 3.8 lakh individuals have been trained in CPR through the innovative “train the trainer” method. This initiative equips citizens with life-saving skills, enabling them to respond effectively during emergencies and potentially save lives.

MedscapeIndia’s commitment to social causes extends beyond the Fit India Movement. The organization has spearheaded various awareness campaigns, including “Save the Girl Child,” HIV awareness, Women empowerment programs, preventive medical camps, Rural Health initiatives in states like Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh, and provided aid during Assam floods. MedscapeIndia’s initiatives also include the distribution of one million masks to the underprivileged and police, the “WE DOCTORS” digital health card supporting healthcare professionals and patients, and the establishment of essential medical facilities like Oxygen PSA plants, home dialysis units, and modular ICUs to combat the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Furthermore, MedscapeIndia has collaborated with the government of Maharashtra to launch the Fit Maharashtra project, organizing events like the Fit Maharashtra Balloon Festival on World Health Day at the Gateway of India. These efforts aim to inspire individuals to prioritize their health and well-being, especially in the post-pandemic era. The organization has also launched a health empowerment program in Kashmir, providing support and resources to local doctors, as well as initiated psychological counseling sessions for students returning from the Russia Ukraine conflict.

Dr. Sunita Dube expressed her gratitude to all the volunteers and like-minded individuals who have contributed to MedscapeIndia’s success over the years. She emphasized the organization’s commitment to empowering communities and improving healthcare outcomes for all. With their continued dedication and support, MedscapeIndia aims to create a healthier and more vibrant nation.

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