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We take immense pride in being the leading community radio station serving Noida and beyond since 2009. Located in the prestigious Marwah Studios complex in Film City, Noida, we were established by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting with a mission to produce community awareness-based programs.
At Radio Noida 107.4, our commitment to empowering the community through informative and engaging content has earned us recognition as one of the "lead Radio stations" by the I&B Ministry. We cater to the interests and needs of our esteemed listeners through a diverse range of programming that resonates with their aspirations.


Mr. Sandeep Marwah

I am thrilled to address you all as the President of our esteemed community radio station. It is with immense pride that I announce our continued dedication and commitment to serving Noida and beyond since our inception in 2009. Nestled within the prestigious Marwah Studios complex in Film City, Noida, we have grown to become the leading community radio station in the region. Our journey began with the support and recognition from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, which bestowed upon us the responsibility to produce community awareness-based programs. Over the years, we have remained steadfast in our mission, working tirelessly to create content that informs, empowers, and engages our audience. As President, I assure you that our team of talented individuals is wholeheartedly devoted to bringing you the best in community-centric programming. We understand the significance of our role as a medium to bridge the gap between the community and valuable information. It is through your unwavering support and participation that we have thrived and grown over the years. We take pride in being an integral part of your lives and strive to continue serving you with dedication and excellence. Our commitment to community awareness will remain at the core of everything we do. We aim to create programs that inspire positive change, foster unity, and celebrate the diversity that makes our community so vibrant. In the years to come, we aspire to further expand our outreach and impact. We will continue to work hand in hand with the community, understanding your needs, and providing the platform to voice your opinions and concerns. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey thus far. With your continued support, we are confident that our community radio station will continue to be a beacon of knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration for many more years to come. Together, let us build a stronger, more informed, and connected community.

Mr. Mohit Marwah
Vice President

As the Vice President of Radio Noida 107.4 community Radio, I firmly believe that radio is a dynamic medium that fosters tremendous connections. Its real-time nature makes it happen right here, right now – fast, interactive, and truly engaging. Let's continue to cherish the power of radio and stay connected with our community!

Mr. Akshay Marwah

It fills me with immense pride to announce that Radio Noida has completed 14 successful years of dedicated service to our local community. We have been passionately working towards raising awareness about crucial social and national issues, aiming to make a positive impact on society. As the world embraces digitalization at an accelerated pace, we, too, have adapted to the changing times. Through our digital platforms, we now connect with a global audience, expanding our reach beyond borders. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for being a part of our journey and for your unwavering support. Together, let's continue to empower and uplift our community through the power of radio.

Mr. Sushil Bharti

I am thrilled to share with you a momentous achievement for Radio Noida. Our radio station was founded with a mission to bridge the gap and connect people from all walks of life to the dynamic contemporary world. Today, I am delighted to announce that our efforts have been recognized, and we have been granted the prestigious status of "LEAD COMMUNITY RADIO STATION" by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Government of India. This recognition is a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of our team, as well as the love and support we have received from our listeners and the local community. It motivates us to continue striving for excellence and to serve you better each day. We remain committed to providing you with informative and engaging programming that addresses the needs and interests of our diverse audience. Our goal is to empower and uplift our community through the power of radio, and this recognition is a significant milestone in our journey. We express our sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, for acknowledging our efforts and believing in our vision. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to all our listeners and stakeholders for being an integral part of Radio Noida's success. Together, let's continue to make a positive impact and create a stronger, more connected community.

About Radio Noida

Radio has, since ages, been a powerful medium of communication, and remains to be so even in this modern-age. The advancements in technology has had its impact on Radio too, and has made it easier and convenient to reach out to a larger audience, eliminating the geographical barriers through ‘Digital Radio’. A Digital Radio allows anyone on the web to listen to the broadcasted programs from their location, even if it is miles apart! Therefore, it is emerging as a robust tool for connecting the global community, and escalating cultural exchange among the countries.

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