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CR is radio broadcasting with the objective of serving the cause of the community in the service area by involving members of the community in the broadcast of their programmes. It affords a unique advantage of receiving transmission through low cost, battery operated portable receiving sets. The Ministry encourages setting up the CR, as it promises to provide an opportunity to the local communities to express themselves, share their views and particularly empower the women, youth and the marginalized groups to take part in local self governance and overall socio-economic and cultural development of the area. It will also inform the society about the developmental initiatives of Government and promote transparency in the implementation of the scheme.

Programs permissible on Community Radio should be of immediate relevance to the community and focus on issues relating to education, health, environment, and agriculture and rural and community development. At least 50 percent of content shall be generated with the participation of the local community, for which the station has been set up. Transmission of sponsored programmes shall not be permitted except programmes sponsored by Central and State Governments and other organizations to broadcast public interest information. Such station cannot broadcast any programmes, which relate to news and current affairs and are otherwise political in nature. Location for CR is to be located within the campus in case of educational institutes. NGOs and others have to locate their transmitter, antenna with the centre of geographical area of the community they seek to serve.