SHUSHIL BHARTI, the director of RADIONOIDA107.4 is a filmmaker, writer, academician and a master’s graduate from the Jamlia Millia Islamia. He has been awarded by the Delhi Hindi Academy twice.

“RadioNoida107.4 is a Community Radio by which our goal is to strengthen social, educational, mental and physical wellness with the variety of programs we have. We are committed in connecting people from all sections of the society to the mainstream contemporary world with music and love. Our dream is to develop a society with social and economical prosperity. We have made programs to educate, inform, make aware and disseminate harmony among the community. RadioNoida107.4 welcomes you to share your life experience, new ideas and to celebrate with us. We work to rebuild the trust with good content, language and representation of issues which are a part of our community. RadioNoida107.4 has put honest efforts to entertain and educate people under its massive reach. We are determined to work tirelessly to bridge the gap among the sections our society. Radio covers the 99% population and 94% of total landmass of India and is the very reason why we have used Radio as a medium.”

Sushil Bharti