In a thought provoking address the head of Gautam Budh Nagar Mr. L. Venkateswar Lu urged the youngsters to be good and do good to others. He was speaking to the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV after the release of Brigadier Laxman Singh’s book “Letters from the Border and Other Less Told Stories” – coinciding with the culmination of the Sino Indian Conflict on the 20th October 1962. Mr. Venkateswar Lu advised the students to gauge their strength and weakness for setting the goal in life. District Police Chief DK Goswami said that it is necessary to put in hard work to realise one’s cherished dreams. Brigadier Laxman Singh has very lucidly narrated his actions and emotions experienced during the fateful forty-three day period of the 1962 war fought in the NEFA region during which the commander and other senior officer of his regiment were taken as prisoner by the Chinese.

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