Cinema should commission writers for scripts

Fourth Global Film Festival director Sandeep Marwah while inaugurating the second seminar on Literature and Cinema is of the opinion that any creativity is first accountable to the society and then to its patrons both financial and moral.
The seminar generated a lot of heat and humour when speaker after speaker locked horns on the controversial topic which ended on a cordial note.
Chairing the session the renowned South Indian film director Singitham S.Rao emphatically asked the filmmakers to commission the established writers to write specially for the cinema. He said depending on published classics and bestsellers generally create confusion and commotion.
Fellow director K.Hariharan was more candid when he said that the two are different media and there has to be paradigm shift when you move from writing to celluloid.
Noted poet and former principal of Moti lal Nehru College Divil ramesh said that the soul and spirit of the literary work shouldn’t be compromised and there has to be fine balance between the novel and the film.

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