The actor in the lead role Thampi Antony‚ director of Photography Keith Gruchala and executive producer Bobby Nair of Rajiv Anchal’s feature film “Beyond the Soul” screened at the 34th International Film Festival held at New Delhi were invited by Prof. Sandeep Marwah to interact with the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV. This path-breaking feature film is about a doctor’s perilous journey in search of a remedy for the uncommon disease one of his patients. Rajiv Anchal’s films invariably carry a powerful albeit controversial and thought provoking message. One of his feature film Guru (1997) was India’s official Academy Award entry for the best foreign language film. Answering questions from the students Keith Gruchala made interesting comparison between the style of working in the Indian and American film industries. Confining himself to the art of acting‚ Mr. Thampi Antony said that he considers stage as the nursery of film stars and television actors. He advised the actors in making to be natural and to portray the character with utmost sincerity to make the same truly believable on the screen. Speaking about his experience of working with an news channel‚ Mr. Bobby Nair said that Indian television channels have great potential for going global. Conceding that television is a technology intensive medium‚ he said that it is necessary for TV professionals to know about the technology as well as make judicious use of it in their work.

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