Hollywood based film producer – director of Indian origin Rajiv Anchal said that light is indeed the medium of the films. He was addressing the students of Asian Academy of Film & TV after formally inaugurating the new session of the Academy. The talented filmmaker was only pointing out to the students the power of films to effectively enlighten the viewers. One of his earlier feature film Guru had almost reached the final stage of the competition for the coveted OSCAR award. Rajiv Anchal normally picks up a subject relating to spiritualism for his films.
Sandeep Marwah & Hollywood based film producer – director of Indian origin Rajiv Anchal
He was in Delhi in connection with the screening of the feature film ‘Beyond the Soul’ produced by him in Hollywood with the American cast and the crew‚ at the 34th International Film Festival. Director of the academy Prof. Sandeep Marwah announced on this occasion that Asian Academy of Film & Television will soon be granted the status of a deemed university. Addressing the students‚ the producer – director of the popular television serial ‘Sab Golmal Hai’ Prasun Sinha said that television production is indeed a very demanding and challenging work. It calls for cooperation‚ coordination and disciplined working beside the technical competence on the part of the cast and the crew. Speaking on this occasion‚ the veteran journalist Dr. Aziz Burney said that mass media can help build a happy‚ balanced and sane society. Reciting one of her poems‚ the well known poetess and social worker Usha Sharma advised the students never to lose heart and try their best to achieve success. She was of the view that systematic training and guidance are always helpful in nurturing the talent.

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