Sandeep Marwah Invited by Oxford Business College in Oxford

Oxford: We extend our heartiest congratulations to Dr Sandeep Marwah on his receiving Regal British Award for his nine World Records in films, television , media and Education. He has proved to the world that creative education is the need of the hour,” said Dr Padmesh Gupta Managing Director Oxford Business College Oxford while welcoming Dr Sandeep Marwah Chancellor of AAFT University to the new international office of the institution.

We are happy to receive Dr Marwah and his visit has added colors to Oxford Business College. India and United Kingdom already doing a lot into education, some more new and innovative ideas can be discussed today,” added Sarwar Khawaja Chairman Business Development, Oxford Business College.

“Our association with Oxford Business College is more than a decade.  Oxford is one of the most beautiful cities in England with beautiful sandy stone architecture dating back centuries. It is home to the prestigious Oxford University where many of Britain’s finest writers have studied and taught.,” said Dr Sandeep Marwah also Chair for Indo UK Art and Culture Forum.

Oxford and its university have inspired countless books and stories and both are often depicted in a sort of whimsical, fairytale way that reminds us of times gone by and a quintessentially British era. Later Dr Marwah presented a copy of his biography to Dr Padmesh Gupta.

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