The renowned veteran journalist and currently the Editor of Bennett Coleman Group of Companie’ s ’ Sandhya Times’ described the daily newspaper as the ’ art-movie’ and tabloid as the ’ commercial movie’ .He was speaking at a ’ Seminar on Journalism’ organised by the Asian Academy of Film & TV.Sat Soni admitted that newspapers are facing serious problems due to emergence of satellite based television news channels. This coupled with the complexities of day to day urban life which leaves very little time for the reader to go through the newspaper, is posing serious challenge to the print media.Sat Soni mentioned that while the cost of creating the’ centre-page’ of a daily is the highest, ironically,it is the even for an experimenced journalist, to interview people – particularly the celebrities.The well-known and familiar face on the screen – Manoj raghuvanshi was also a guest speaker at the seminar.He mentioned several interesting incidents from his long years in this field to explain the duties and responsibilities of a television journalist.Manoj Raghuvanshi emphasized the need of prefect coordination among the member’ s of the team covering of an event for television.Prof. Sandeep Marwah also made few observations on the subject.Answering questions put to the distinguished journalists.Sat Soni accepted that it is indeed unethical on the part of a journalist to publicise criminals.

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